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Legislation sources System


“Kuwait Al Youm” has been the official gazette since the beginning of a new development phase in the State of Kuwait. The first issue was published on December 11th, 1954 by the Department of Press and Publication. this gazette includes all the laws, Amiri decrees and ministerial decisions (which shall only take the legal capacity after being published in the gazette).

In consideration of the importance of the gazette whereas it is a valuable reference in the field of legal and judicial legislations in the State of Kuwait, the national projects sector at the Central Agency for Information Technology prepared an automated
system named “LEGISLATION SOURCES” and formed a comprehensive database including more than thirty thousand sources making it a highly important legislative reference for the governmental authorities, private sector, researchers and all users.

Types of legislations:

Amiri decrees – Amiri orders – laws – decisions of council of ministers – Amiri Diwan decisions – ministerial decisions – decisions of Central Bank of Kuwait – decisions of Civil Service Commission – decisions of Audit Bureau of state – decisions of entities and institutions – decisions of specialized councils – relevant public commissions decisions – decisions of the Municipality of Kuwait – martial laws – budgets – articles of association – statement of account of the Central Bank of Kuwait.

Features of the System:

-    Storing and indexing all the laws and legislations.
-    Multiple types of legislations, comprehensiveness of the search and retrieve of information.
-    Easy and fast retrieving of the information.
-    Extracting printed copies of laws and legislations

search Method:

The system is distinguished with the comprehensiveness of research and retrieve options – in addition to other descriptive research options – in comparison with other systems operating in the same field. Therefore, it enables the user to reach any information easily and quickly .

search Fields:

-    Type of the legislation.
-    Number of the legislation.
-    Date of legislation or expected issue period (varying between two dates).
-    Source issuing or related to the source.
-    Subject heading.
-    Subject heading content of the legislation.
-    Name mentioned in the legislation.
-    Issue and page numbers.

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