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KGO Kuwait Government Online
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Kuwait Government Call Center (KGCC)

The Kuwait Government Call Center (KGCC) is an important milestone and a distinct achievement for the Central Agency for Information Technology (CAIT) in the course of carrying out the ambitious plan of developing the e-government project in Kuwait in collaboration with all government agencies. KGCC is a 24-hour facility that serves all users of the e-government electronic services deployed through Kuwait Government Online portal website (e.gov.kw). KGCC provides customer service and help to citizens, residents, and visitors of Kuwait and represents the focal point of contact for all government e-service related enquiries. 
Kuwait Government Online (KGO) represents a revolutionary approach to deliver government services electronically in Kuwait. KGO widens the window of government services operations from the current 08:00 to 14:00 to a 24x7 timeframe. More importantly,  this service removes the distance barrier of service delivery, to cover every corner in the globe. These two factors are vital in transforming Kuwait into an international economy that is transparent, competitive, and attractive to business. To this end, plays a vital role in supporting KGO services.
KGCC Services
KGCC delivers a wealth of integrated, state of the art services in accordance with the highest, world-class criteria. The services are as follows:
  • Multi-channel communication services including phone calls, e-mail, electronic chatting, SMS messaging, and fax service to respond to callers’ service requests.
  • A sophisticated IVR system that automatically detects calls and transfers them to the available agent that can best meet the caller’s profile of language preference. Both Arabic and English are supported now. 
  • A call recording system to help review previous incidents and monitor the quality, productivity, and efficiency of customer service.
  • A complaint management system that handles caller interactions from the first call until the case is closed.
Technical Profile
KGCC was built using the most advanced technologies and business practices. The following describes some of its important technical features:
  • State of the art technologies with initial support for 15 agents and the potential to grow as need arises in the future.
  • KGCC supports expansion to more distributed call centers across a wider geographical area.
  • Sophisticated online real-time and historical reporting system to help monitor agents, supervisors, and overall KGCC performance.  
  • All technology infrastructure components are built with future scalability and redundancy to provide reliable 24/7 operations.
  • KGCC is connected to all government agencies through Kuwait Information Network, providing ongoing awareness and visibility of the factors that may affect KGO services. 
Human Resources Development
Building a human resources team to operate and run KGCC has been a priority for the Central Agency for Information Technology. We believe that efficient and sufficient human resources are the most important factor to run successful KGCC operations.  Therefore, the Central Agency for Information Technology invites the young Kuwaitis to join KGCC. Special HR development programs are in place to provide newcomers with the proper qualifications, as set out by the KGCC organizational chart and job responsibility plans.

When to Contact KGCC
Whenever you face any problem or require more details during accessing any Kuwait Government Online (e.gov.kw) services such as:

Electronic Payment for:
  • Phone bills for Ministry of Communications
  • Bills and recharge fees for mobile phones
  • State property fees
  • Electricity, water, and services fees for Ministry of Electricity & Water
  • Traffic and immigration fines for Ministry of Interior
  • Payments for rents, family expenses, penal fines for Ministry of justice
  • Bids purchase at Ministry of Public Work
Electronics transactions such as:
  • Traffic and immigration violation payments
  • Civil ID renewal
  • Opening file for housing welfare
  • Municipal council decisions
  • Inquiring about arrest warrants
  • CTC announcements and open tender results
  • Query about corporate sponsorship
  • Requesting a medical report
Public information services such as:
  • Emergency numbers
  • Phone directory 101
  • Prayer times
  • Flights information at Kuwait International Airport
  • Currency rates
  • Weather conditions
  • Healthcare service directory
  • IT information services
Languages Supported
  • Arabic
  • English
How to Reach the Call Center

Phone: Call 164 or 1800164 (Outside Kuwait,+9651800164)
using KGCC to start a chat session : e.gov.kw
Fax: +965 229 297 89.